December 17, 2010

How to Effectively Handle Web Design Criticism

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Regardless of where you work or who you work for, taking criticism is part of the job. Sometimes comments demand a response. Other times, ignoring them is better. Determining when and how to respond to negative comments is something that every individual and organization wrestles with.

Despite its negative associations, criticism can be an excellent opportunity to grow—but before you can respond effectively, you need to recognize the opportunities. One certainly experiences criticism in the field of design as well, and we put this article together to talk about how to effectively handle criticism on the social web.

What Is Criticism?

To criticize is to analyze the negative and positive aspects of a subject from various points of view, to pass judgment on something or somebody by way of personal interpretation. In a narrow sense, criticism highlights the negative. Criticism is unpleasant for most people because they don’t want to be held in low esteem by others, nor do they want to be embarrassed.

Yet criticism is an essential part of work and study. If no one was corrected or evaluated or there was no debate or discussion to establish relevant facts, would anyone really learn? Whether you participate in social media (blogs, Twitter, etc.), it’s only a matter of time before someone criticizes something you’ve said. (more…)