October 28, 2010

How to Ensure You Are Always Included in Google

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Posted by Courtney Mills

Very interesting tips and guidelines that will help get your beautiful and custom website design indexed

Google’s search algorithm can be very tricky sometimes and should you find your website in the unfortunate circumstance of no longer being included in the search results, then you need to know how to get included again.

Well, Google have posted on the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog a list of steps on how to get your site included again in search results.

Check out the video below from Mariya Moeva of the Google Search Quality Team, as she explains the steps to take if you find your site is no longer getting any love from Google.


If you can’t view the video then the steps are also outlined below:

1. Check for access issues. You may want to check if there are any access issues with your site by logging in to your Webmaster Tools account and checking the Overview page to see what happened when Googlebot visited your site last. Also, check your robots.txt file to make sure there aren’t any pages blocked that you want seen by Google.

2. Check for messages. If Google has no problems accessing your site, check to see if there is a message waiting for you in the Message Center of your Webmaster Tools account.

3. Read the Webmaster Guidelines. If you don’t see a message in the Message Center, check to see if your site is or has at some point been in violation of the Webmaster Guidelines

4. Fix your site! Make changes to your site so that it falls within Google’s guidelines.

5. Submit a Reconsideration Request. If your site is in violation of the Webmaster Guidelines and you think that this might have affected how your site is viewed by Google, this would be a good time to submit a reconsideration request.

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