April 27, 2011

70% of Companies Facebook and Twitter Pages Not Ranking in Google

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A recent study by BrightEdge has revealed that the social profiles of most leading brands don’t rank well in Google.

While most of the leading consumer brands are investing a lot of time and money to increase their presence on the search engines they are doing very little to increase their social media presence by correctly optimizing their Facebook and Twitter pages to make them more noticeable in search results.

The study reviewed 200 of the world’s top brands for their social media presence and found that while almost 100% of these brands hold the top or near the top ranks for their brand names on the SERP’s, 71% did not have their Facebook pages in the top 20 results of the Google SERP’s. Twitter faired a little better – 68% of the brands surveyed did not have their Twitter pages in the top 20 results of the Google SERP’s.

BrightEdge CEO, Jim Yu explains:

Brands today are pouring countless resources into social media channels—and are creating great content that will help them engage with consumers, optimizing these for SEO purposes is a crucial way to drive exposure. Brands may be missing critical customer connection points if consumers can’t easily discover their social media pages in search.

Based on the analysis of various social media pages BrightEdge found out that there was no necessary correlation between the number of friends and followers and SERP rankings. For example, the Facebook page of a leading photography equipment brand did not rank in the top 20 search results, despite having more than 160,000 fans. On the other hand, a leading auto manufacturer with only 17,307 fans had a Facebook page that ranked in the top 10 of search results.

Retailers are the most successful in optimizing their social media pages. Of the top 23 retailers surveyed, 13 have Twitter pages in the top 20 search results. The brands that are currently least effective at optimizing social media are those from the finance and insurance sector with only three of the top 43 companies having Facebook pages that rank in the top 20 search results.

Does it really matter if searchers don’t find your Facebook or Twitter page in a Google search?

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